Sudanese movie in the race for an Oscar for the first time in history

'You will die at twenty' has been nominated in 2021 Oscars

A Sudanese film titled, 'You will die at twenty' has been submitted for the Best International Feature Film category at the upcoming Academy Awards, the Oscars in 2021.

The film, written and directed by Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abu Alala, could see Sudan win its first-ever Oscar award.

A post from the film's official Twitter handle said, “We're so proud to announce that Sudan has entered the Academy Awards race for the first time with the selection of Amjad Abu Alala’s You Will Die at Twenty as the country’s first Best International Feature Film submission for the 2021 Academy Awards! Oscars 2021."

"Only the eighth feature film in the history of Sudanese cinema, this marks a significant moment in the country’s cultural landscape and opens doors for a new wave of local filmmakers yearning to have their stories, voices, and perspectives embraced by audiences back at home and abroad,” the post concluded.

The movie reveals the deep Sudanese culture which centers around a young man “Muzamil” who grew up knowing he will die when he reaches 20 years as predicted by a Sheikh during his naming ceremony at birth.

From the storyline, Muzamil's father receives the Sheikh's prediction as a curse and flees home leaving Muzamil's mum as a single parent who later becomes overly protective of his son.

The film is seen as a motivation for upcoming filmmakers yearning to have their stories and voices heard.

The film premiered last year at the 2019 Venice International Film Festival to critical acclaim, receiving the Lion of the Future Award, which is the prestigious Luigi De Laurentiis Award for a Debut Film. The film was also successfully featured at the El-Gouna Film Festival in Egypt, winning the Golden Star award for best narrative feature.

The Oscars are regarded as the most famous and prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. The 93rd Academy Awards is set to take place on April 25, 2021.



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