Improved Roads in Kenya: The Ahero Road Interchange Project

Improved Roads in Kenya: The Ahero Road Interchange Project

Kenya has always had a problem when it comes to infrastructure. Poor roads among developing countries pose an obstacle to inclusive growth according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kenya at the moment is making great progress in terms of infrastructural development.

The construction of the Ahero Junction Multimillion Project started in the year 2016 with the aid of the government and was being managed by the Kenya National Highway Authority. The project cost about 1.3 billion. The construction of the interchange slowed down during the COVID -19 pandemic because of the surge in the numbers at the time. However now, the construction is almost coming to an end. 

The interchange links four counties: Kisumu, Kisii, Homabay and Migori. It is expected to solve transport problems into and out of the counties.

The interchange has several benefits like easing the traffic flow, reducing accidents and it will also benefit over 1000 households by improving trade.

Kenya has been on the track to counter the problem on poor roads and enhancing faster connectivity. With projects such as the Ahero Road Interchange Project coming into operation commuters now experience reduced traffic congestion, faster trips as cities and towns attract more investments.

The improved road geometrics and enhanced pavement structure will go a long way in raising the level of service for the transit traffic.

The Ahero Road Project is approximately 172km and traverses four counties namely: Kisumu, Kisii, Migori and Homa Bay. The project starts at Ahero Junction B1. The rehabilitation of the Isebania - Kisii - Ahero Section of the Tanzania - Kenya  - South Sudan corridor will facilitate cross border movement of passengers and freight and also enhance access to regional markets and to social and economic centers  as a result of the additional upgrading of the 75km feeder roads linking the project roads with the markets.

Previously, there were lots of accidents because of the narrow roads in Ahero. The Ahero road also had many potholes and most regional public transport vehicles diverted from the Ahero Road which led to limited transport services to the population served directly by the highway. It is safe to say now that road problems such as accidents have been minimised in Ahero and the trade in Ahero has also grown in areas like the Ahero Market. Investors are also now investing on the Ahero Town.

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