Kenyan MP pretends having coronavirus to test emergency helpline

A coronavirus phone operator left politicians in stitches after a Kenyan MP anonymously called the ministry of health hotline pretending to have symptoms during a committee sitting.

The legislator Sabina Chege did a test run in front of the health minister who was being questioned on government's preparedness.

The call ended up becoming a comic relief for the committee members when the phone operator asked the caller why she could not take a taxi to the hospital yet she had travelled to China.

The ministry worker had at first said "we do not have any coronavirus in the country" before proceeding to tell the caller she "did not sound to be very sick".

He asked the caller to go to the nearest hospital for check up. When asked which means of transport was best to use they told them to use a taxi to which the caller said she did not have money and the official asked how she managed to go to China without money.

The legislators asked the ministry to ensure staffers are well trained to handle such calls.