Dunga Beach, Kisumu - Kenya

Welcome to Dunga Beach, Kisumu and to my African Affairs. In this video we explore Dunga Beach which is a fishing village on the shores of Winam Gulf on Lake Victoria. Dunga Beach has been a tourist destination over the years. Apart from being a tourist destination, in Kisumu it is the place one can easily get freshly caught fish from the lake.

Experiencing the calming effect of Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Africa is always welcome. There are several open air hotels at Dunga Beach where you could sit down and have a meal or a drink while having a view of the lake or you could just go next to the shore of the lake and be in tune with nature.

The boat rides at Dunga Beach offer a wide range of boat services tailored to your needs and budget. There are motorized and non motorized boats that is the local ones. The boat services include: fishing, bird watching, hippo watching and even trips to other islands. 

This is the Fish Market Shed where fish vendors sell different types of fish including tilapia and Nile perch. Some vendors offer deep frying services to their customers. Apart from the fresh fish caught from the lake, hotels in the Beach also cook fish that they serve with ugali and vegetables. The hotels have a variety in their menu besides the fish that mainly tourists go for.

Dunga Beach is a good place for bird watching and sight seeing as shown here. In the evening one can also catch the sunset.

Now this is the Dunga Beach Ecotourism which is an elevated Board Walk above a wetland swamp surrounded by papyrus reeds. It is a strategic site for bird watching, camping, holding events, viewing both the sunrise and the sunset.

It was constructed in 2015 with the financial support from the French Embassy in Kenya.

The place has a cultural Museum on site which has become a perfect tourism site for both local and foreign visitors. The small museum displays traditional wares and crafts such as musical instruments, various functional artefacts, ornaments, costumes all made by the local residents.

Here in the wetlands of Lake Victoria, one could get a chance to see the illusive papyrus endemic bird species, the endangered sitatunga antelope. In the early mornings there is opportunity to see different types of snakes. According to the guides, however, the boardwalk has been coated with waterproof material that prevents reptiles from climbing it.

The entry charges to the boardwalk for adults is Ksh. 100. To hold an event costs Ksh. 5000.

Author: Belinda Ocieng
myAfrican Affairs

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